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5 Features a Great VPN Should Have

What are the 5 Features a Great VPN Should Have?

When choosing a VPN Service you have to be careful about these 5 Features a Great VPN should have. Not all VPNs are equal and there are VPN Services that are way better than others. The Best VPN Service depends on the needs that one has. You can check out our recommended Best VPN Services of 2019.

5 most Important features a great vpn should have
5 Features a Great VPN Should Have

As mentioned in the Infographic the 5 Most Important Features A Great VPN Should Offer are:

1. No Log Policy

The Best VPN Services out there have strong No Log Policies. That feature is really important since you don’t want third-parties having access to your personal data and the websites that you visit. That is also the main reason why you don’t want to choose a free or mediocre VPN, which most times store your personal data and might even give access to third-parties. Learn more about Why You Don’t Want to Choose a Free VPN.

2. Fast Speeds

Some VPN Services out there are really laggy and because of the low speeds that they offer, the internet experience is really bad. That is not the case with premium VPNs. The great infrastructure that such VPN Providers offer is capable of high speeds. This way the user retains most of the speed capabilities of the network and at the same time enjoys the anonymity that a VPN offers.

3. Lots of Servers

It is very important for a Good VPN to offer a lot of Servers Worldwide. This way the users can connect to the server that is either closer to them or the server that they prefer. Also having a lot of Servers helps to keep the VPN Service running smoothly even in the case that there are a lot of users in the VPN Network.

4. Multiple Platform Support

Most of us browse the internet in different devices throughout the day. That is the main reason why you need to choose a VPN that supports all the devices that you have. This way you remain protected, whichever device you are using. In the case of Smartphones (Android or iOS), it is really easy to use a VPN if there is an official app provided by the VPN Service. If there is no app available, then the user has to deal with the phone’s settings and this is not something everybody is willing to do.

5. Great Support

Most VPNs out there are very easy to use. However, a Good VPN should have a dedicated team available throughout the day assisting the users, when they are in need of help. This way the users feel safe and they enjoy the use of such a VPN. The Best VPN Providers out there offer 24/7 LiveChat, which can assist them with anything they might want.

There are even more features that are important for a VPN Service to have, but these five features can guide you to choose the VPN Service for your needs. If you need more information about What is a VPN and Why you Need a VPN check out our detailed article.

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