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Can you be Anonymous with a VPN?

Do you know that you can be anonymous with a VPN Service while browsing online? Do you want to surf the Internet, without worrying about your identity being exposed? If the answer is yes, then you probably need a Premium VPN Service. Best VPNs out there make their best to help us remain anonymous. Check our recommended VPN Services that can help you remain anonymous online.

We clearly don’t suggest to use a VPN or any other tool to be anonymous for illegal uses or for causing harm to anybody.

Why is VPN so Important for Online Privacy?

Most of the ISPs out there are obliged to log the users’ internet activity. Sometimes they are asked to hand them to the authorities, even without a warrant. What best VPNs do is that they act as middlemen between your data and your ISP. Your data are encrypted during this process, so the ISP doesn’t have any idea about the websites that you visit and that is why we claim that a VPN helps us be anonymous online. Cool right?

Can a VPN offer 100% Online Anonymity?

Although VPNs can help a lot in keeping you and your data safe online, they can not provide 100% anonymity. Of course using a VPN grants a “shield” of anonymity, which is really significant compared to not using a VPN. If you want to know more about what is a VPN and why you need one check our article.

Why can’t we be Completely Anonymous Online?

1. Cookies

Cookies that are stored in your browser are not so delicious.

The reason why we can not be completely anonymous online is that most of us use websites that track a lot of our activity online. With the use of cookies, these websites can keep track of the websites that we visit. I am pretty sure that you know that Facebook uses cookies, advanced algorithms, and stores this kind of data, in order to display targeted ads to its users.

I bet you have been in a situation that you searched for a specific term on google and then visited Facebook to only see that the displayed ads have a lot of common with the search term. That is great for the companies, but it is catastrophic for us, who value our personal data and online privacy.

2. Browsers

Another way we sacrifice our anonymity is the use of common browsers. Most browsers use advanced technologies to gather information from the user and use them for things like advertising. What is even more terrifying is that even if we completely disable cookies on our browser, there are other techniques that browsers keep collecting data. Most common is browser fingerprinting.

Browser fingerprinting is a method that browsers use to identify a user, using indicators like Browser edition, Time Zone, IP and the behavior of the user while being online. Every one of us uses the internet in a unique way. Browsers are able to identify us by our online habits and movements. This is where a VPN is really powerful and why we claim that you can be anonymous with a VPN. While using a VPN Service your data are forwarded to secure VPN Server. That is the key! Except for the fact that your traffic is encrypted, your real IP is hidden, while using the Premium VPNs out there. Not all VPNs are really able to keep your real IP hidden and that is why we only recommend choosing a Premium VPN. Learn more about the benefits of having a Premium VPN Service in our article.

What are the features of the Best VPN for anonymity?

1. No logs

It is really important to choose a Premium VPN that is proven to keep no logs of the websites that you visit. The best VPNs out there have strong no log policies and do their best to keep us anonymous. You really don’t want to choose a free or a mediocre VPN Provider, because some of them even if they claim to keep no logs of your data, they actually do and give access to third-parties.

2. Jurisdiction

What you need to pay attention to is the country that the VPN Service is based at. The best VPN Services out there are based in countries where the laws allow them to give you the necessary internet freedom and don’t oblige them to store any personal data of the users.

3. Support anonymous payments

If you really want to be anonymous online you have to choose a VPN Service that supports anonymous payments. What I mean by anonymous? Payment ways like cryptocurrencies (bitcoin or other cryptos), gift cards or even cash. Yes, you heard right, cash. Some VPN Services offer the alternative to pay by sending money via mail in an envelope. We really don’t suggest following this way, but paying with a cryptocurrency or gift cards.

4. Strong Encryption

A very major contributory factor in anonymity is the encryption that the VPNs provide. Not all VPN Providers offer the same type of encryption. The stronger the encryption, the less likely it is to have your data leaked to a third-party. In the unlike case that your personal data are leaked, the hacker can not access the real content of these data, since they are strongly encrypted and only the VPN can grant access to them. So these data are useless for the hacker and you are safe online!

5. Ad Blocking

As mentioned earlier ads are the main reason, why internet users are heavily tracked. However, some of the top-quality VPNs out there offer ad-blocking technologies, that filter out the interruptive ads and don’t allow the tracking of their users.

6. DNS and IP Leak Protection

It is really important to choose a VPN Service that has a DNS and IP Leak Protection. In some cases, your real IP might get exposed, even if you are connected to a VPN Server. That is what we call IP Leak. Premium VPNs make their best to keep your real IP hidden from the rest of the world. A really nice feature of the best VPNs out there is the automatic kill switch. What this feature does is that it automatically terminates the access to the internet in case the VPN is disconnected. This way you will not connect to the internet without using a VPN, even if the VPN Service has a problem, which is highly unlikely and so your real IP address will remain private.

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