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Best VPN for Android

Most of us browse the Internet not only from a Desktop or Laptop but also from a mobile device such as a SmartPhone or a Tablet. In most cases, the users connect to a public WIFI hotspot, while they are away from home. This is not the wisest thing to do since there are a lot of risks while connecting to an untrusted network, regarding your personal data and safety. The Best VPN for Android can help you connect to a public wifi hotspot without risking your personal data. Check out our detailed review of the Best VPN for Android and pick the Best VPN for your needs.

Best VPN for Android of 2019

1. NordVPN – 3.49$/month
2. Cyberghost VPN – 2.5$/month
3. Surfshark VPN – 1.99$/month
Read the following review of the Best VPN for Torrenting 2019.

We clearly don’t suggest to use a VPN or any other tool to be anonymous for illegal uses (such as downloading copyrighted content) or for causing harm to anybody. We may receive a small commission if you complete the purchase of a VPN via the links of our website.

1. NordVPN – 3.49$/month

Nord VPN
Get NordVPN – 3.49$ per month

NordVPN is one of the most well-known VPN Providers overall. This because NordVPN combines great features with a very reasonable price of 3.49$ per month. With only this little amount of money, you can get a premium VPN and enjoy a worry-free internet experience. When it comes to Android compatibility NordVPN has made a great job to ensure that the users can be protected no matter which device they are using. There is an official Android App for Android users in the Google Play Store and also there is an apk download option for direct download from the official website.
The app is very lightweight and dead easy to use. You only need to download it, fill your account details and then you only have to press a button to connect to the VPN Network. That’s all!

NordVPN Android App

With the NordVPN App for Android, you can remain protected while you are on the go. You don’t need to worry about the risks of connecting to a public wifi hotspot since the VPN app encrypts your connection and doesn’t allow third parties to steal your personal data. Another great feature of the NordVPN app for Android is the malware blocking technology, that helps to block the malware and other cyber threats. There are a lot of options to choose regarding the encryption of the connection, such as double VPN, which routes your connection through two VPN Servers instead of one and maximises your anonymity. There are specially designed Servers for Streaming, Torrenting and other activities.

What we like about NordVPN:

Strict No logs policy.
Excellent VPN overall.
Official App for Android.
Quick Connection.
Strong Encryption.
5000+ Servers Worldwide.
30-day money-back guarantee.

What is not so great about NordVPN:

The monthly package is not that low (11.95$).

2. Surfshark – 1.99$/month

SurfShark VPN
Get SurfShark VPN – 1.99$ per month

Surfshark is a relatively new VPN Provider, but it has proved to be an excellent VPN with one of the cheapest monthly price. We know that some people are not willing to spend a fortune on VPN Services and Surfshark is the best choice for them. Not only it starts from 1.99$ per month, but also offers top-quality VPN Service. The great thing about Surfshark, except from the low price point, is that you can connect unlimited devices to the VPN Network from only one account. That is something that you will not find in most of the VPN Providers.
When it comes to Android Compatibility, Surfshark has developed a very minimalist Android App that helps the users to connect easily to the VPN Network. The users can download the Official Android App from Play Store or as an apk file from the official website.

Surfshark Android App

With the quick connect feature, the users can connect to the VPN Network with only a tap of a button. Also, there are lots of great features that are very helpful for Android Users. Some of these features are the automatic kill-switch, that stops the internet traffic in case there is a drop in the VPN Connection so your personal data are not exposed, the ad-blocking technology that helps the users to enjoy an uninterrupted internet experience and the specifically designed Servers for purposes like Torrenting and Streaming.

What we like about SurfShark VPN:

Strict No logs policy.
Unlimited Simultaneous Connections.
Minimalistic and Easy to Use Android App.
Unlimited Bandwidth.
Very low price!
30 day money-back guarantee period.

What is not so great about SurfShark:

It would be nice to offer more Servers Worldwide.

3. CyberGhost VPN – 2.5$/month

CyberGhost is one of the most well-known VPN Services out there. The reason for being so popular is that it offers great quality at a low price. Starting at 2.5$ per month, you really can not have an excuse for not using a VPN Service. With that little amount of money, you can enjoy the benefits of a top quality VPN Service. Also, there is a 45-day money back guarantee, so you can ask for a refund if you are not happy about this VPN. Some of the great things about Cyberghost are that it has a strict no logs policy, you can torrent safely from specifically designed Servers and enjoy fast speeds.
There is a an official App for Android, so you don’t need to configure the VPN Connection manually. The app is available in the Play Store and you can get a 1-day free trial, so you can test the premium VPN Service and decide if this VPN Service is for you.

CyberGhost VPN app for Android

The Android App is very easy to use and there is a quick connect option. The users can select the Server that they want to connect to and there is also specifically designed Servers for purposes like Streaming and Torrenting. CyberGhost team has used technology to make sure that you are protected, while you are connected to public wifi hotspots and in combination with the Strong Encryption of your traffic, your personal are safe from third parties.

What we like about CyberGhost:

Strict No logs policy.
Official App for Android
One tap to connect to the VPN Network.
Lots of Servers Worldwide.
1-day free trial.
45-day money-back guarantee.

What is not so great about CyberGhost:

We would like to see a small price tag in the 1-month subscription (12.99$).

Should I choose a Paid or a Free VPN for Android?

We strongly believe that you should choose a Premium-Paid VPN. There are a lot of reasons for this and you can check out our article about why you don’t want to choose a free VPN. Free VPNs usually offer slow speeds, serve ads and keep logs of the user’s activity. That is not cool, right? We believe that our and your personal data are worth more than the 1.99$ monthly subscription of the cheapest Premium VPN Service that we recommend.

Is there any difference between VPN for Android and VPN for iPhone?

All of the VPN Services that we suggest in this list offer official apps for both Android and iOS devices. So in case that you have devices of both operating systems, you will have no problem connecting to the VPN Network easily.

Does all VPN Providers offer official Apps for Android?

Not every VPN Provider offers official Apps for Android and this is something you have to check before selecting your VPN Provider. Setting up a VPN connection manually from the Device’s settings is possible, but it is not something that every user knows or want to do. So that is why we only recommend VPN Services that offer official Apps for Android.

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