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CyberGhost Review

CyberGhost is one of the big players in the VPN Industry. In all these years, CyberGhost has managed to climb up in the rank of the Best VPN Services. That is a result of a consistent effort of the team behind this VPN to give the best experience to the users. The fact that in the last year alone the server network grew by 150% is a clear indicator, that there is a strong will to improve the VPN Network. Another great thing about CyberGhost is the price! It starts at 2.5$ per month. That is one of the lowest prices in the VPN Industry. Read our article on CyberGhost Review and learn more on why we think CyberGhost is one of the Best VPN Providers out there.

CyberGhost VPN

We clearly don’t suggest to use a VPN or any other tool to be anonymous for illegal uses or for causing harm to anybody. We may receive a small commission if you complete the purchase of a VPN via the links of our website.

CyberGhost Pricing

CyberGhost Pricing

1-month plan: 12.99$ per month
1-year plan: 5.25$ per month
2-year plan: 3.69$ per month
3-year plan: 2.5$ per month
We really suggest you invest that small amount of money and get a Premium VPN that respects your personal data. Check out why we don’t suggest to use a free VPN.

CyberGhost Overview

CyberGhost is one of the Best VPN Providers out there. That is because it combines some of the most critical features that a Great VPN Should Have! First of all, it has a strict no logs policy, so your data are secure. Also, the company is based in Romania, a great country for data protection, since there is no obligation to keep any logs of the users, unlike other countries. Another great thing is that there are lots of servers. Actually, there are more than 3500 servers worldwide and this number is constantly growing.

CyberGhost is very good at unblocking Netflix and other similar websites. Also, there are specifically designed servers for torrenting, that provide the best speeds, so you can download big archives in no time. The users are allowed to connect to the VPN Network from up to 7 devices simultaneously. In combination with the wide variety of devices that are supported with official apps, you can be protected in all of your devices with a press of a button. Last but not least, there is a great support team to assist you in case you need any help, via live chat or ticket request, and also there is a great Help & FAQ Page on the website, that can precisely guide the users.

Does CyberGhost VPN Keep any Logs of my personal data?

CyberGhost applies a strict no-logs policy. So you don’t need to worry about your personal data being accessed by third-parties. As stated in the privacy policy page on the website, no data about your browsing activity, such as IP or browsing history, are stored on their servers. You can check out the privacy policy right below.

CyberGhost No Logs Policy
Privacy Policy –

Does CyberGhost VPN Offer Fast Speeds?

CyberGhost offers great speeds on their VPN Connection. The fact that there are more than 3500 Servers worldwide is very encouraging, because the load of the Network is equally distributed, while the user base is increased. That is a strong indicator of a VPN Provider that cares about offering Fast Speeds and uninterrupted internet experience.

CyberGhost Servers
CyberGhost Servers Location –

Does CyberGhost Unblock Netflix, BBC and Other Media Streaming Sites?

CyberGhost is very good at unblocking Netflix, BBC, and other Media Streaming websites. That is because there are special servers that are designed for this purpose exactly. There are Servers for Netflix US, Netflix DE, Netflix FR, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Youtube, and Crunchyroll. Also, you can find the Best Server for each activity using the tool on the website, which counts in many parameters, like the load of the servers, the distance from the user and the purpose of the user (streaming, torrenting etc).

Does CyberGhost VPN allow Torrenting – P2P?

Yes, CyberGhost allows Torrenting. Actually, there are specially designed servers for such activities. The fact that the users get unlimited bandwidth and data is great for those who download files via Torrenting. Also, the strong encryption that is applied to your traffic is great for torrenting, because your ISP cannot see the files that you download or the websites that you visit.

Does CyberGhost VPN have all the necessary features that a Great VPN Should have?

1. Strong Encryption

Regardless of the device that you are using, your data are strongly encrypted. The type of encryption depends on your device, but the overall strength of the encryption is great.

2. Wifi Protection

Connecting to Free Wifi Hotspots is a bit risky for your personal data because hackers can easily gain access to your data, due to minimal or no encryption on this kind of connections. CyberGhost VPN has implemented special technology to protect your personal data from being exposed to hackers, while you browse the internet from a public wi-fi hotspot.

3. Ad Blocking

CyberGhost has designed special software so your internet experience is not interrupted. Some Ads are very intrusive and annoying, but with the help of the Ad Blocking Technology, you enjoy ad-free browsing. Also, you get protected from dangerous malware and tracking.

4. Up to 7 Simultaneous Connections

The users can connect up to 7 devices to the VPN Network simultaneously. That is great since most of the users have many different devices. So they are protected on all of the devices and they don’t need to pay more times for the same service.

5. Automatic Kill-Switch

There is an automatic kill switch enabled in the VPN Software. In case there is a problem in the connection with the VPN Server, the software automatically stops all the internet traffic, so your IP and your personal data are not leaked. That is a great futures that a Good VPN Should have.

Does CyberGhost VPN offer Official Apps for all of my Devices?

CyberGhost offers official apps for almost every device out there. There are apps for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android TV and FireTv. Also, there are browser extensions available for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. A great feature is that you can install CyberGhost VPN to your router, so all of your traffic is forwarded to the VPN Network. This way you don’t need to install the VPN apps in each and every device that you have since all the traffic that goes through your Wi-Fi network is directly encrypted.

Can I get a Free Trial of CyberGhost VPN Service? – YES!!!

CyberGhost offers a 45-day full money-back guarantee for the 3-year plan. That is a very wide time period, in which you can check out if CyberGhost meets your needs. The fact that the money back period is so wide, is a strong indicator that the VPN Service is great. Also, another great future of CyberGhost VPN is that there is a 1-Day Free Trial! So you can test the VPN and check out if it is really that good.

Does CyberGhost Provide Great Customer Support?

The users can get help from CyberGhost either by submitting a ticket in the support team or via live chat. The service is well documented and easy so you probably won’t need any help setting everything up. Also, there is a Help & FAQ page on the website, that can be very helpful for the users.

Check out the Best VPN Services of 2019 and Compare the Best VPNs.

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