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Which VPN Service should I choose? Paid or Free VPN?

Free vs Paid VPNs

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When it comes to choosing a VPN, most people are confused about why should they pay for a Premium Paid VPN Service rather than just downloading a Free VPN. As with most services out there, when you don’t pay for it, you are the product. That is the case with most of the free VPN Services out there.

Our recommendation

A Premium Paid VPN Service is by far better than a Free VPN. What we recommend you to do is to sign up for a Paid VPN Service and check the benefits. All the VPNs that we recommend offer full money-back guarantee. This way you can test a Paid VPN and in case you think that it doesn’t worth the money, then you can ask for a refund. Check out our detailed review on the Best VPN Services of 2019 and choose the VPN that meets your needs with prices starting from under 3$ per month. If you think that your personal data protection and privacy doesn’t worth that little amount of money check out the following facts about free VPNs and maybe you will change your mind.

Few Things about Free VPNs

Free VPN Providers are companies. They offer a service and they expect to make a profit somehow. That is where you need to focus. Some Free VPN Providers will log your data and give access to them to third parties mainly for advertising purposes, in order to make a profit. That is not what you want right? I guess that you don’t like third parties having access to your sensitive personal data. Also, there are other limitations in Free VPNs. Most of the free VPN Services will throttle the bandwidth of your connection and limit your daily traffic up to a point, while this is not the case with paid VPNs. Let’s take a more analytic view of why you DON’T want to choose a Free VPN.

Keeping Log Files

Log files are basically reflecting your internet activity. These files are similar to your browsing history. The difference is that you can not delete them! These files are very sensitive personal data, which sometimes are accessed by third-parties. That is the biggest reason why you should consider choosing a Paid VPN rather than a free one. Most Premium Paid VPNs have clear No Log Policy, so you don’t need to worry about your personal data and privacy. If you want to know more about What is a VPN and Why you need one, check out our article.

Connection Speed and Bandwidth Throttling

If you already have used a free VPN you should know that the speeds are not really that good. Also, a common practice of free VPN Providers is bandwidth throttling. This measure is taken so the servers don’t get overloaded. That is understandable since the service is free. But having a so poor internet speed ruins your browsing experience. That is not the case with Premium VPN Providers. High-quality paid VPNs have great servers and software, thus providing the best speed connection to the users.

Daily Data Limit

Most free VPNs limit the user’s daily traffic up to a point. After this limit is reached you can not get more access to the VPN network. That is really frustrating since most websites require a lot of data and the daily limit is reached in no time. In the case of Paid VPNs there are no limits in daily data traffic and so you can browse the internet, with no stress.

Number of Servers

Free VPN Services offer a small number of Servers, which you can choose. That may be a problem for you, if you are far from the server and the data have to travel so far away, resulting in poor internet experience. Best Paid VPNs offer a lot of servers, so you don’t have to choose between privacy and speed.


Most of the free VPNs don’t offer great encryption to the users. This way hackers can dig into the websites that you visit and gain access to sensitive personal data. That is not the case with Premium VPNs, because of the strong encryption that they offer. Even if a hacker somehow gains access to the websites that you visit, there will be no way he can understand a thing. That is because everything is encrypted and so the hacker will only see lines of code that make no sense.

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